News and Analysis (9/21/20)

A Scottboro school board candidate wants to “ban Islam,” insists that the Constitution prohibits Muslim s from holding public office, and accuses Jewish-Hungarian holocaust survivor George Soros of being a Nazi:

No longer satisfied to claim that the Constitution gives him dictatorial power over the United States, Trump now issues an executive order to force the United Nations to impose sanctions on Iran:

American Jews resist the “anti-Semite” slur, with 31% saying they “would vote for either [Ilhan] Omar or [Rashida] Tlaib outright, [and] with another 23% saying that Israel would not be the deciding factor if they were not in agreement with the candidate on other issues”:

Khamenie did not mention that when Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein attacked Iran, the U.S. armed both sides of war, a “dual containment strategy” intended to help Muslims kill one another.  This time around they would arm only the Arab dictators and their Israeli ally:

After the UAE has knuckled under to U.S. pressure to formalize its alliance with Israel, Iran can no longer count on the UAE’s central bank closing its eyes to circumventions of American sanctions:

Discrimination against “Dalits does not end if they convert  to another religion,” but their few privileges, such as reserved seats on elected commissions, do:

“Historically, regime change in Afghanistan has been decided not so much by overwhelming military force as through key defections”:






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