News and Analysis (9/27/20)

Two SFSU professors expect the university to “seriously and publicly challenge Zoom’s attempt to control higher education and the content of our curriculum and classrooms”:

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi says that “the word terrorism is a floating term that the United States could not define” but raises against “those who reject America’s policies in killing and injustice,” now even against its “own citizens demonstrating in the United States”:

The human rights activist has always been provacative. “Shouted at, he would shout back. More than once, an angry host kicked him off the air. ” But on Modi’s watch he was “shot …in the head and chest in the courtyard of his home in … the capital of Kashmir”:

The “director general of the Israel Water Authority, said that there is no blanket policy against selling [Palestinian] water [back] to Palestinians and that no requests to buy it have crossed his desk in his three years in charge,” as if such requests would be granted:

As Iraqi-Iranian relations continue to warm, Pompeo issues new threats:

A five-star hotel claims it gave the Muslim raffle winner of an expensive bottle of cognac a cheap box of chocolates out of respect for his religion, but a court awards the man 2,000 pounds in compensation, alleged good intentions notwithstanding:

“[T]he 2020 election is the first election in decades about which candidate ‘would most quickly end’ America’s wars, with both Biden and Trump looking ‘to be the “peace candidate” despite having track records that make it hard to claim such a title’”:

“There is no justification for the repeated violent treatment against those who seek to eke out a living for their children” — Hamas statement:

“[N]othing testifies to the decline of Saudi Arabia more than the abrupt rise of its junior partner as a bellicose regional power, interfering in Libya and Tunisia and supporting dictators and war criminals”:






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