News and Analysis (10/5/20)

“While some conservatives warn that a “soft-totalitarianism” of progressive intolerance is growing in the U.S., when it comes to Israel-Palestine, full-blown authoritarian coercion, like the blacklisting carried out by Canary Mission, is already well entrenched”:

“Twenty scholars—including eight women” bring “collective analytical sensibility combined with academic rigour” to the polemical debate on the status of women in Islam in an anthology titled Muslim Women: What Everyone Needs to Know:

“These newly revealed passages underscore the seriousness of the threat posed by white supremacists to law enforcement personnel and the public at large. That the FBI has continued to withhold this full document … is indefensible” — Jamie Raskin:

“Lozina pleaded guilty to assault, but maintained that he had not attacked Elasmar because of her faith and attacked because she had refused to give him money” yet he was removed from a video court appearance “after he repeated a racist statement over and over again”:

“The measures include placing stringent limits on home-schooling and increasing scrutiny of religious schools, making associations that solicit public funds sign a “charter” on secularism”:

Education week urges teachers to ” Be the catalyst behind the disruption of systems and traditional school practices that continue to muffle the voices of Arab students, Muslims students, and other students from historically marginalized backgrounds”:

Both sides are committed to Islamic jurisprudence; the question is whether the Taliban’s vision can accommodate “women’s rights, freedom of expression and electoral democracy”:

“[T]here is little indication that Prince Mohammed has drawn lessons from the fallout of past actions that have significantly damaged his and the kingdom’s image”:

India’s military made “a rare admission [that] its soldiers exceeded their legal powers in killing the men they described as Pakistani terrorists”:

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