News and Analysis (10/13/20)

By amending its rape laws to punish “anyone convicted of raping a woman or child … with ‘death or rigorous imprisonment for life'” Bangladesh joins four Muslim countries and China in taking a hard line against the most brutal and humiliating crime of aggression:

“The judiciary today does not reflect the America it presides over,” the letter states. “As of 2020, there is to our knowledge no appointed member of the federal judiciary who identifies as Muslim, nor has there ever been”:

The militias will stop attacks on American military and diplomatic targets if “Washington present(s) a timetable for the withdrawal of its troops”:

“He is on hunger strike against administrative detention, in which the prisoner and his lawyer lose all tools to protect him. We have no access to confidential information, no possibility of cross-examining the source of that information” — al-Akhras’ attorney, Ahlam Haddad:

“Inge-Hanif says she is running a deficit this year, even though she doesn’t pay herself a salary, has no staff and lives in the shelter with the women she serves. She maximizes her ability to help with the assistance of her four grown kids, their families and … volunteers”:

The video showing Hindu-Muslim harmony “has got more dislikes than likes on YouTube, with more than 2,000 people disliking the video and only 545 people liking it. The comments section has been disabled” …

… but a Muslim family is unaffected by Muslim hardliners walkout on the inclusion of Hindu chants in a ceremony honoring the accession of a new elder:

“There were no problems whatsoever during the meeting, but soon messages started circulating in various local Facebook groups. There are a number of Burleson Facebook groups that have just gotten hateful” — Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter:

The school contests that it “functions as an indoctrination centre for future terrorists,” and “[d]isowning the arrested trio” says “none of the was a teacher at the school”:

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