News and Analysis (10/16/20)

Existing law forbidding anyone from knowingly contacting the agent of a foreign state or terrorist organization without explanation would be expanded to impose a 15-year sentence on contact with any “foreign political entity,” including human rights organizations:

Feeling “discriminated against by the politicians and bureaucrats,” Buddhists initially welcomed Modi’s scrapping of the state’s status, but now even BJP members are “furious,” feeling “vulnerable to outsiders who will come and buy our land and take our jobs as well”:

Iran has already beaten the U.S. to having a female Vice President.  Will the Guardian Council allow it to have a female President first as well?

“We’re only giving the government more time to negotiate the withdrawal” “The truce isn’t open-ended,” Ahmed al-Assadi, a lawmaker representing the political arm of pro-Iran armed coalition Hashd al-Shaabi:

Do you think the dispute over Jerusalem is between the Palestinians and the Israelis? Now Erdogan has declared that Jerusalem is Turkish; and the Saudis, too, want in on the action:

Even if Muslims were “only about one percent of the country’s total population – … their concentrations in key swing and battleground states, such as Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, could make their vote especially impactful”:

It was reported that “an Arab medical worker who was sent to conduct a Covid-19 test was refused entry to Yitzhar [because] he was an Arab,” yet “many critics … continue to support institutionalised discrimination against Palestinians” …

… and despite the postponement of official annexation of parts of the West Bank, “more than 12,000 illegal Israeli settlement homes were approved this year” — Ahmed al-Assadi, representing the political arm of pro-Iran armed coalition Hashd al-Shaabi:

“Far from doling out fiscal help and other supportive measures, the government… wants to suck the life and blood of people” — Nati9onal Conference Party statement opposing the imposition of property taxes:

“Hizbullah, a lawyer at the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, was arrested under the controversial Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), which allows the government to detain suspects without charge and or having to present them before a judge”:

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