News and Analysis (11/10/08)

Recently declassified document authorized nearly a dozen raids around the world:

“‘Tension-creating’ foreign policy has ‘scared off foreign investment and inflicted heavy damage’ on the economy”:

The ballot includes a man on trial for arms trafficking and money laundering, a millionaire planing to build thousands of Jewish homes in an Arab neighborhood, and an ultra-Orthodox rabbi who won’t put his picture on his campaign posters:

Once heralded as the militant protector of the Shi’ite majority, Sadr seeks to reorganize into a socio-religious group:

Peace process delayed as Fatah and Hamas continue to blame one another:

The Bush administration all but admits failure in their attempt to bring peace to the Middle East:

Shortages in electricity plague Gaza as the break in the truce agreement cut supplies:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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