News and Analysis (10/21/20)

“They can put locks on our office but they can’t put it on our voice”  — Anuradha Bhasin, the owner and executive editor of Kashmir Times:

Being neither the head of state nor of government, MbS is not immune to “recourse in U.S. courts for violations of international law and for victims of ‘flagrant human rights violations,’ including torture and summary execution abroad”:

Biden condemns “any effort to boycott [Israel] or withhold aid to force policy change.” In 2016 he “helped get the country its biggest ever U.S. aid package, US$38 billion” and “has already announced he would not move the U.S. embassy back to Tel Aviv if elected“:

“Even if Joe Biden triumphs at the polls, Iran’s weakened government may only have a few months to negotiate a revived nuclear deal before facing its own electoral challenge by hardliners who oppose any engagement with the west”:

The number of voters registered in a third party exceeds the difference between Democratic and Republican registrations by 4991 at a time when Muslims are “tired of voting for the cleaner dirty shirt”:

“Macron doesn’t need to ‘build an Islam in France that can be compatible with the Enlightenment,’ because that already exists. Whether French secularism can adapt to Islam is another question”:

“Prior to the nullification of Article 370 and Article 35A of the Constitution, only state subjects were allowed to buy land and apply for government jobs in Jammu and Kashmir”:

“Pro-Israeli activists” are angry that Hadassa hospital is treating the Palestinian leader who has compared Israeli apartheid with that of South Africa:

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