News and Analysis (10/28/20)

“A military court in the Gaza Strip convicted three Palestinian peace activists of ‘weakening revolutionary spirit’ on Monday for their role in holding a video call with Israelis in April, but it ordered the authorities to release the two who remained in jail”:

The IDF suspected the boy of throwing rocks at an army vehicle, but they have no evidence. They deny having beaten him on the neck, but medical authorities have plenty of evidence that he died from precisely that:

“On day one, Israeli settlers … attacked farmers … and set olive trees on fire. … On day three, Israeli settlers … vandalized houses. A week later, just after the UAE signed their agreement with Israel, expansion plans for 4,948 settlements were approved”:

“The NIA raids on human rights activist Parvez and the Greater Kashmir office in Srinagar is yet another example of the Government of India’s vicious crackdown on freedom of expression and dissent” — PDP president and former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti:

“Macron is following in the centuries’ old tradition of Europeans telling Muslims how we need to interpret, or live, our religion – which Europeans rarely tell people of other religious faiths – because of the actions of a handful of Muslims” — Asma Barlas:

Predictions that depriving Kashmir of aut9nomy was a step allowing non-Kashmiri Indians to acquire ownership of the land are confirmed; the imposition of new property taxes may force struggling natives to sell to wealthy outsiders:

“From the tumultuous Civil Rights era and the subsequent negative interactions with Black Muslims, to the post-9/11 era of targeted police surveillance and infiltration of Muslim communities, much of the interactions have been negative”:

Muslims take comfort in traditional burial, although God has no need of a corporeal body to resurrect the dead, But, Japanese push back, apparently resistant “to the now-unfamiliar sight of burial grounds and anxiety toward [Islam] itself”:

Kashmiris suffer collateral damage in the Saudi and Iranian determination to punish Imran Khan for warming up to Erdogan:

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