News and Analysis (10/31/20)

Rivals include Turkey, of the abandoned caliphate; Saudi Arabia, of Mecca and Medina; the UAE, of “militantly statist” Islam; Qatar, of “less strict” Wahhabism and political Islam; Indonesia, of “humanitarian, pluralistic” Islam; Morocco, of moderate Islam; and Iran of  “derailed revolution”:

Desperate to get out from under U.S. sanctions at a time of national flooding disaster, the fragile transitional government warned it has no “proper mandate to normalize ties and that there was a great risk of civil unrest” from its domestically unpopular decision:

“Apart from some relief work like sending medicines, blankets and giving some very small monetary help to flood victims, we have no work worth mention in Kashmir” — head of the New Delhi-based NGO accused of “funding terror in Indian-administered Kashmir”:

Is Macron’s Policy Making Things Worse, provoking anger in the Muslim world and more violence in France (both by and against Muslims)?

“Under the terms of the deal, all frontline forces would return to their respective bases, and foreign fighters would be given three months to leave Libya. Both of these conditions would be independently monitored by the United Nations to ensure compliance”:

The censorship of criticism of Joe Biden is only the second of an endless series of steps of social media betrayal of its promise to be a neutral platform that began with the censorship of Palestinians:

“Out of fear, they were willing to kill innocent civilians. And I see that kind of narrative emerging in the United States, and I am concerned. I am concerned where this takes us”:

“Government forces in riot gear patrolled streets in Kashmir’s main city of Srinagar in anticipation of anti-India protests”:

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