News and Analysis (11/6/20)

Delaware, Indiana, Wisconsin and Oklahoma elect their first ever Muslim legislators …

… and a Muslim woman defeats the incumbent mayor of a California city:

“Osama Joda, a 23-year-old Muslim was hailed as a hero for risking his life during the horrifying ideal which saw a convicted IS supporter kill at least 4 people and injure dozens more” …

… but two Muslims of Turkish origin thanked by the mayor for bringing the wounded to safety are now denying allegations of past association with an ultranationalist Turkish organization:

The Israelis have discovered that an effective way to persuade people to leave their homes is to burn them down:

Israeli settlers increase their attacks on olive farmers during harvest season …

… and the U.N. notes with disapproval that “Israeli Security Forces intervened in clashes between Palestinians and settlers, including by shooting tear gas canisters and rubber bullets, resulting in the injury of olive harvesters, and forcing them to leave the groves”:

“While Iran has long been pro-bitcoin, having regulated the crypto industry since August 2019, the country made a major move last week to take cryptocurrency adoption to the next level”:

“All the charts mapping out interests, American or international, aren’t convincing enough to explain how, in a matter that’s so clear-cut and obvious – the illegality and injustice of the occupation, the rush toward establishing an apartheid state and the suffering of the Palestinian people, … there’s no difference between U.S. administrations”:

The other jackboot drops as India imposes laws on Jammu and Kashmir without their approval:



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