News and Analysis (11/11/20)

“The United Arab Emirates announced on Saturday a major overhaul of the country’s Islamic personal laws, allowing unmarried couples to cohabitate and loosening alcohol restrictions. The Gulf country also sought to criminalise so-called ‘honour killings’, a widely criticised tribal custom”:

The EU wants to legislate against the encrypted communication of messaging apps on the pretext that the “assault on privacy and expanding government surveillance … is necessary to ‘protect people in Europe from Islamism’”:

Three young women have been held for months on charges of “affiliating with a legitimate university student group at Birzeit University and for being present at one of its meetings” as Israel continues the criminalization of “the peaceful exercise of basic and fundamental human rights: the right to freedom of association, expression and assembly”:

The two assailants grabbed the woman in hijab, telling her, “We are in America, and when her husband “told them to leave, … began to b eat him in front of his family while calling him a ‘f—— Muslim.,” and then fled when the woman called 911:

More American Muslims elected to public office:

UI calls its part-time employee’s comments “antithetical to our university values of exclusivity and respect for others” but has declined to discipline him or dismiss him from his position doing “incident data entry” out of a concern for free speech flagrantly absent when it rescinded its offer of tenure to Steven Salaita for criticizing Israel’s bombing of Gaza in 2014:
If Biden wants to restore the agreement that kept Iran from moving towards nuclear armament, he can’t afford to dally:
“The proposals, as reported by chess24 website, will be taken up during FIDE General Assembly on December 5 and 6”:

“The notice also prohibited the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association from holding elections, besides imposing prohibitory orders in premises of the district court complex”:






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