News and Analysis (1/2/13)

“Morsi’s office maintains that the president has nothing to do with legal procedures against media critics”:

Proving that there is there is no such thing as a stupid question:

Palestinian statisticians estimate that “the two populations would be equal in 2016, and in 2020, [Muslim and Christian] Arabs would outnumber Jews by 7.2 million to 6.9 million”:

“That the Nobel prize winner and former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, and Hamdeen Sabahi, the leftist candidate who came in a surprising third in June’s presidential elections, have come together shows the strength of the determination to create a united front against the Brothers” …

“While the Pakistani Taliban have denied carrying out the killings, they have long denounced the vaccination drive as a Western plot either to gather intelligence or to sterilise Muslim children”:

… but on the other side of the political spectrum “Islamists groups who struggle to reconcile democratic maneuvering with religious ideology”:

The Thai policy of refusing to accept boat  people has led to the death of hundreds of Rohinga refugees in the pasat, but HRW charges that this is the first time that the policy is being applied to whole “families with young children and women … claiming they are escaping persecution, human rights violations, and violence in their homeland”:






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