News and Analysis (11/17/20)

Big Brother is watching. “The most popular app among those targeted was a Muslim prayer and Quran app called Muslim Pro, with more than 98 million downloads worldwide. Others included a Muslim dating app”:

A former chief minister accuses the government of launching a drive to demolish the summer shelters Gujajrs have used “in pasture lands since times immemorial during the grazing season” to drive them out of their pastures and sell off the forest land:

“In the letter written by Senator Chris Coons, who is being considered as a potential Secretary of State in the next Biden administration, the senators called on Facebook to fully address the problem” and Facebook employees have also written a letter demanding action on anti-Muslim bigotry”:

How a 14-year-old boy was seduced by racist ideologues’ professions of patriotism into believing that the enemy of Britain “was Islam, was the Muslim people, was almost the police as well as the government, and journalists as well.” He is “now ‘massively ashamed’ of what he said and believed but admits at the time he found this sickening ideology ‘thrilling’”:

“Russia, Turkey, Egypt, and France are all positioning themselves to supplant the U.N. as the leader of the Libya file during this critical stage”:

“Non-BJP parties, worried that putting up Muslim candidates will only polarise the electorate, to be “tactically prudent” also hesitate in supporting Muslim candidates, leading to a further dip in representation”:

“Pompeo and his current Iran envoy, Elliott Abrams, recently revealed that they intend to announce a new sanction on Tehran every week until Inauguration Day” …

… but China and Russia’s “deepening collaboration … make[s] Iran far less susceptible than it once was, either to Trump’s campaign of ‘maximum pressure’ or to Biden’s hoped-for engagement”:

“Despite the president’s anti-Muslim policies, the margin between Trump and Biden among Muslim voters was closer than experts predicted”:

“Detroit Lions guard Oday Aboushi wants to use his place in sports and society another way, by shedding light on the plight of Palestinians and promoting religious harmony as a Muslim with friends of different faiths”:






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