News and Analysis (11/19/20)

Keeping perspective.  Reducing armed forces to 2.500 troops each in Afghanistan and Iraq constitutes a reduction of about 40% in the first case and 17% in the second (and even in the case of Iraq, 50%):

According to the PA’s civil affairs minister, its “’relationship with Israel will return to how it was following ‘official written and oral letters …’ confirming Israel’s commitment to past agreements,'” which is expected to jeopardize its reconciliation with other factions, and therefor, make overdue Palestinian elections less likely:

“The subtext in the scholars’ writings and statements is that a failure to reduce tension, particularly with Iran, could persuade China to either reduce its economic involvement in the Middle East or focus on relations with non-Arab states, two of which are arch-rivals of Saudi Arabia and the UAE”:

“In the fight against political Islam, we will create a criminal offense called ‘political Islam’ in order to be able to take action against those who are not terrorists themselves, but who create the breeding ground for such” — Austrian PM:

“Women are infantilized and their agency completely trivialized when they are deemed incapable of making their own decisions in matters of their body and sexuality along with other matters. Such patronizing laws reinforce that women are “properties” of the communities they belong to”:

Pompeo “said products from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories can be labelled ‘Made in Israel'” …

… but a “Biden presidency will attempt to return to the hawkish Democratic status quo on Israel.” Right-wing Zionist, Zev Chafets predicts change the difference between Biden and Trump will be “more in tone than substance”:

“Some NGOs operate in Taliban territory quite happily, working with ‘NGO co-ordinators’ appointed by the local commander. ‘It is the government we are afraid of,’ says one employee of an aid agency. ‘With the Taliban, we can co-ordinate'”:

“We have decided to terminate our relationships with all data partners, including X-Mode, effective immediately” — Muslim Pro:

“The love stories with Muslim characters usually force women to make a choice between love and faith: the girl falls in love with a white non-Muslim boy, she fights with her family, struggles with her faith, takes off her hijab, and chooses the boy. That storyline functions as a symbol for newly gained freedom. But I am a Muslim girl, and I see myself as empowered”:

“Trump was advised against strikes on Iranian nuclear sites by senior officials warning of the risk of triggering a major conflict. But … the president may not have entirely given up on the idea of staging attacks on Iran or its allies and proxies in the region”:

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