News and Analysis (11/23/20)

In an “unprecedented move” the lame duck Secretary of State makes a “‘deliberate effort’ to prevent non-violent opposition to the occupation” by “turning international law on its head” …

… becoming “the first US secretary of state ever to visit an Israeli settlement in the illegally occupied West Bank” …

… and then meeting with Netanyahu and MbS in Saudi Arabia in a meeting kept so secret that neither Israeli “Defense Minister Benny Gantz nor Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi were informed before it took place”:

“With a lack of ventilators, PPE, and medicine, officials say Israel’s siege is a ‘death sentence’ for Gaza’s coronavirus patients”:

Astronaut Tahani Amer, the female car racing team of Marah Zahalka, Noor Daoud and Mona Enna, and thrash met6al band backer Gisele Marie Rocha are among the women validating “the premise behind Dr. Seema Yasmin’s new book — that Muslim women can be anything“:

“Intellectuals are … looked up to as the arbiters, the judges of what is the real Islam, and so they make an attractive target for a government that is interested in either controlling cultural expression or trying to completely reengineer it”:

“Politicians and activists in the region consider these acts to be part of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government’s project to dispossess people of their land and property in order to change the demographic status of the Muslim-majority region”:

Enraged by “scenes … between a Hindu and a Muslim, … [m]embers of the Hindu nationalist party that controls India’s central government have asked the authorities to investigate Netflix … at a time when the government is increasing censorship of what Indians watch online”:

Marvel’s Muslim superheroine is “the glue that binds two key installments of the new Disney+ docuseries, Marvel’s 616 — a reference to the main Marvel Comics timeline. Premiering on Nov. 20, the eight-episode show offers inside-the-bullpen accounts of major and minor stories from the publisher’s rich history”:

“To put a revived JCPOA on firm foundations, he needs to be able to guarantee that if Iran sticks to its part of the bargain, the U.S. will too” — Catherine Ashton (L), High Representative of the Union of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union:






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