News and Analysis (11/26/20)

Denmark’s foreign affairs and integration minister, who also seeks to regulate the dowry brides may receive in dowry from their husbands, commands Muslim women not to “be ruled by either imams or outdated norms.” The women push back that they won’t be deprived of their agency or their wealth by government bureaucrats:

“It is tragic and outrageous the way right-wing media and Republicans all the way up to President Trump attempted to destroy the lives of an immigrant Muslim-American family based on scurrilous allegations” — Rep. Ted Deutch (D-Fl):

“Of the 13 countries temporarily banned, 11 have been outspoken in their condemnation for normalisation of relations with Israel”:

From the state that brought you the copes Trial. A woman who “garnered national attention when she led efforts to oppose the construction of a Murfreesboro mosque” and who attempted to ban a textbook she had never read has now been charged with selecting Tennessee’s textbooks”:

“A statement released by the OIC made no mention of Kashmir and there will be no special session to discuss India’s draconian military measures that have resulted in a lockdown of the region lasting over a year”:

“Under Australian law, a person can only be stripped of their citizenship if they are dual citizens. … Australia argued he was a dual citizen as he also has Fijian citizenship, though Fiji denied the claim, souring the bilateral relationship”:

While the campaign encouraged consumers to “find your style” – Aden said she felt she had lost her own” such as when she agreed to drape a pair of jeans on her head in place of a headscarf.” She urges her fans “not to ‘sell out'”:

A skeptic of Western media reports about the Chinese camps accepted an invitation to visit them and was shocked to learn the accusations are largely true:

“At least 3,793 Palestinians were killed, some 18,000 were wounded and more than half of Gaza’s population was displaced, according to the UNCTAD’s report”:

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