News and Analysis (11/28/20)

“Ellie Geranmayeh of the European Council on International Relations said on Twitter that the ‘objective behind the killing wasn’t to hinder (Iran’s) nuclear programme but to undermine diplomacy,'” and the National Iranian American Council feels the same way:
The IDF “claimed the incidents were part of Israel’s armed conflict with Hamas — even if the protesters were largely unarmed civilians who took no part in hostilities”:

“Israeli forces have a long history of attacking Palestinian medics and healthcare workers in the occupied territories. Last year, a UN investigation called the occupied Palestinian territories ‘one of the most dangerous places in the world for healthcare workers'”:

To the BJP, Muslim men are demons, Hindu “women are so ‘silly and helpless’ that they will be seduced (by Muslim males, of course) and bring dishonour to the family and community,” and love is weapon against which the state must legislate:

The PDP chief minister is detained to prevent her from meeting with a party leader who has been arrested and her daughter is out under house arrest one day before election:

The fact that her husband was an Israeli citizen “led Iranian authorities to genuinely think it was proof of a conspiracy she was an Israeli spy, and [moreover] the regime knew it could use it to pressure Australia and Israel for something big in return for her release”:

A court upheld the city’s charges “that the hotel had failed to meet safety regulations,” but the hotel owner charges that the city never issued citations against “other hotels with similar problems” that were not housing Syrian refugees:

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