News and Analysis (11/30/20)

14 years before Donald Trump threatened to refuse to a peaceful transition of power, Mahmoud Abbas “refused to share power” with the winners of the Palestinian elections. This time he signals he won’t even allow elections already delayed for ten years to be held now:

“[T]he Israeli magistrate court of Jerusalem ruled to evict 12 of the 24 Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrah and to give their homes to Israeli Jewish settlers. The court also ruled that each family must pay 70,000 shekels ($20,000) in fees to cover the settlers’ legal expenses”:

Israeli home demolitions as well as cutting off the water supply of whole communities are “extreme manifestation of Israel’s policy designed to empty entire areas of the West Bank of their Palestinian residents”:

“[T]he assassination of Fakhrizadeh serves multiple purposes for those that would seek to keep the United States and Iran far away from the negotiating table”:

Scientists aren’t the only targets of Israeli assassins. “Since 2000, Israeli forces have murdered about 70 Palestinians, some of whom were clearly political activists and not militants, in planned, targeted killings”:

We might give the party ticket to any community among Hindus. Whoever we might give it to — maybe Lingayats, Kurubas, Vokkaligas, or Brahmins but definitely, it will not be given to Muslims” — BJP leader KS Eshwarappa:

Unable to convince farmers to support its farm reform bills on the merits, the BJP resorts to an Internet disinformation campaign that opposition to its legislation is a Muslim conspiracy:






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