News and Analysis (12/3/20)

As France cracks down on mosques, immigrants and Muslim charities (having “closed … the Muslim charity BarakaCity and a civil rights group which monitors hate crimes …; both [of which] have refuted the government’s accusations that they harboured ‘radical’ links”) …

… Muslims “feel like nothing we do – pay taxes, do [national service] – will be enough. You have to prove that you’re really French: you have to eat pork; drink wine; not wear hijab, wear miniskirts. And it’s ridiculous” — Fashion designer Iman Mestaoui:

“‘You are us’ feels more like an aspirational statement than a reflection of our reality’ … [that] continues to be shaped by systematic discrimination and suspicion and a refusal by government agencies to engage with Muslims as a legitimate faith community in New Zealand, rather than a collection of ethnic minorities”:

“There’s no definition of political Islam. … [W]e as a society must distinguish between the peaceful religion of Islam and these extremists” — Umit Vural, the president of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria:

The larger, and more liberal, mainstream Islamic organization in Indonesia have many more members, but “being loud and divisive and creating spectacles” has allowed the FPI to “punch above its weight”:

A land reform act intended to provide a homesteading mechanism and raise money for hydroelectric projects was abused by corrupt politicians and became the focus of  charges of communitarian demographic manipulation:

Rouhani’s opposition to boosting uranium enrichment suggests he thinks the JCPOA can still be salvaged:

“Rights activists have called that a violation of rule 114 of the Geneva Convention dealing with the ‘Return of the Remains and Personal Effects of the Dead’ in wartime or armed conflict. Locals have labeled the practice ‘shroud theft'”:

The hypocrisy of the “love jihad” charge.  A woman who denied that her Muslim husband had kidnapped her sees her husband arrested and is forced to marry another man by her Hindu family while another man who converts to Hinduism to marry gets police protection from his new wife’s angry family:

The U.S. military says “that the Iraqi government has indicated that it wants to keep a small U.S. military force in Iraq for some time to train and advise Iraqi soldiers, and that U.S. officials want to make sure that the Islamic State does not regenerate ‘at a relatively low cost'”:

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