News and Analysis (12/9/20)

Rumors that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has transferred power to his son have been quickly dismissed by Iranian officials who assure the Supreme Leader is healthy:

Veteran politician Dr. Hanan Ashrawi resigns from PLO’s Executive Committee following Palestinian leadership restoring coordination with Israel in Ramallah:

Iran continues to pass laws worrying the Western World in the hopes of pressuring them to quickly return to the 2015 nuclear deal:

Under President Macron, France has continued to impose double standards against Muslim immigrants in the name of secularism. By analyzing government intervention against Muslim demographics, there is a clear contradiction between their so-called “liberal” values and actual disparity of civil liberties towards Muslims:

The death sentence is upheld for Ruhollah Zam, Iranian journalist who fled his homeland after being accused of inciting violence during protests in 2017. The antigovernmental protests in 2017 caused significant unrest, and Iranian officials have blamed many including the U.S. and Saudi Arabia …

… and Saudi Arabia resumes its persecution of a dual citizen despite the Trump Administration making an exception of its silence on Saudi human rights abuse to repeatedly call for his release:

France continues to persecute the Muslim population in the country by shutting down a private secondary secular school in Paris with a 90% Muslim study body  for “insufficient building safety standards”:

Despite its admission “that security agencies had geared an ‘inappropriate concentration of resources’ toward detecting potential Islamist threats, compared with the dangers posed by white supremacists like Tarrant,” the 800 page report concludes “there was little the state could have done to thwart the atrocity”:

Sri Lankan Muslims’ request to bury the body of family members who died for COVID-19 is rejected by Buddhist monks and President Rajapaksa claiming “burying bodies could contaminate groundwater and spread the disease”:

The PA payment system for families of prisoners and of those killed in conflict has been criticized as an incentivize terror in the region, but in reality is a necessity under illegal Israeli occupation:

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