Author: Johaer Jilani

  • News and Analysis (3/1/21)

    Israel offered no evidence and Iran denies the accusation, but Netanyahu vowed to respond saying, “Iran is the greatest enemy of Israel. I am determined to halt it. We are hitting it in the entire region”: Israel Blames Iran for Attack on Freighter Near the Persian Gulf (Washington Post) Until recently settlers entered the mosque […]

  • News and Analysis (2/26/21)

    As Biden demonstrates his perpetuation of America’s Middle East war strategy by launching an unconstitutional airstrike in retaliation for a rocket attack in Iraq against the American troops … : U.S. Bombs Facilities in Syria Used by Iran-Backed Militia (NBC News) … Neoconservatives mull joining the Biden wing of the Democratic Party: The Neocons: Exit […]

  • News and Analysis (2/24/21)

    MP Asaduddin Owaisi calls attention to how development, such as schools, under BJP rule has skipped Muslim-dominated areas: Development in Gujarat Does Not Touch Muslim Areas, Says Owaisi (Indian Express) A police raid on Muslim children results in no public outcry: Police Brutality Against Muslim Children Under the Pretext of Counter-Terrorism in Austria (Cage) The […]

  • News and Analysis (2/22/21)

    Although many far-right European politicians have backed Modi, Kashmiri human rights issues have come to the EU’s attention, and Indian politicians are pushing for Kashmiri statehood now following peaceful DDC polls: Now is the Time to Restore Statehood in Jammu and Kashmir, Says Apni Party’s Altaf Bukhari (The Economic Times) What Is the EU’s Stand […]

  • News and Analysis (2/18/21)

    In a “warm conversation” with Netanyahu, Biden supports Trump’s normalization policies and commends Netanyahu’s Coronavirus policies … Biden and Netanyahu Talk Iran, U.S.-Israel Alliance (Politico) … and Biden is accused of downplaying human rights violations at Xinjiang’s camps for saying, after BBC reports highlighting systematic rape and torture, “Culturally, there are different norms that each […]

  • News and Analysis (2/16/21)

    Although imprisoned since 2002 by Israel, Senior Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti will be running for PA president and many predict him will be the preferred candidate over incumbent Abbas: Barghouti to Stand for Election from Israeli Prison Cell (Middle East Monitor) “Citing Israeli sources, AFP reported that allowing the transfer from the West Bank to […]

  • News and Analysis (2/13/21)

    Private and public institutions are working together to silence any valid criticisms of the state of Israel, and by not protecting freedom of speech, individuals are being affected significantly: How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel (Current Affairs) Facebook Might Censor Criticism of Zionists. That’s Dangerous (The Guardian) ‘Guardian’ Columnist Says He Got […]

  • News and Analysis (2/11/21)

    Except for the BJP, every political party in Kerala is fighting for the release of an Indian-Muslim journalist who was wrongfully arrested in Uttar Pradesh when reporting a case of murder and rape: Kerala Muslim Youth League President Urges People to Raise Voice for Siddique Kappan’s Release (The Telegraph) Despite election campaign comments regarding Iran […]

  • News and Analysis (2/9/21)

    The police defend the arrest of an Indian-Muslim comedian for comments he did not make and a high court judge denies him and the event organizers and a personal friend bail demonstrating the BJP threat to freedom of speech: As Munawar Faruqui Case Shows, Questioning BJP’s Hindutva Project While Muslim Can Land You in Jail […]

  • News and Analysis (2/7/21)

    Senate overwhelmingly approves making Trump’s relocation of embassy to Jerusalem permanent: US Senate Approves Amendment to Keep Embassy in Jerusalem (Jerusalem Post) BJP pushes a narrative that large Muslim families is an “organized conspiracy” to alter India’s demography, but a popular scholarly book concludes that Hindus will always be the majority: SY Quraishi Debunks the […]

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