News and Analysis (2/11/21)

Except for the BJP, every political party in Kerala is fighting for the release of an Indian-Muslim journalist who was wrongfully arrested in Uttar Pradesh when reporting a case of murder and rape:

Despite election campaign comments regarding Iran and the nuclear deal, Biden and his administration now hesitant to make any effective change surrounding Iran …

… while Iran’s restriction of negotiations to original deal members is challenged by the Saudi and French calls for other countries in the region to be involved in any negotiations:

The U.S. explains that it still sees Jammu and Kashmir as disputed territory after  a tweet referring to the area as “India’s Jammu and Kashmir”:

Understanding the Saudis’ “abrupt turnaround … – requires a … subtle understanding of the intersection of Saudi domestic goals with national ambitions”:

Following rival groups in Palestine agreeing to go forward with first elections in Palestine for 15 years, election registration offices open in Gaza and West Bank:

Both the Ummah Party “affiliated with the spiritual descendants of … the self-proclaimed Mahdi (“guided one”) who led an 1881 revolt against Anglo-Egyptian rule” and continue to loathe Egypt and the Republican Brotherhood Party founded by Mahmoud Mohammed Taha” had long called for rapprochement with Israel”:

The largest circulation law journal in the world had a Jewish founder, and is now headed by a Muslim:






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