News and Analysis (3/1/21)

Israel offered no evidence and Iran denies the accusation, but Netanyahu vowed to respond saying, “Iran is the greatest enemy of Israel. I am determined to halt it. We are hitting it in the entire region”:

Until recently settlers entered the mosque through the Al-Magharbeh Gate. After opening all the gates to settlers, the Israeli occupation forces now deny all but a “very few” Palestinians from outside the city access :

Apparently alluding to President Biden’s retaliatory strikes on Iranian allies, “Iran’s FM “said recent actions taken by Washington and Europeans had led Iran to conclude that the ‘time was not right’ to hold such talks” …

… yet some experts think Biden can deescalate tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia:

“Several social media users had a field day on Thursday, who mocked Biden administration and its supporters for propping up a ‘Hijabi’ woman – Sameera Fazili at a press conference just a day after bombing innocent Muslims in Syria”:

“The U.S. foggy position encourages the Israeli government to escalate its settlement policy,” the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said in a statement.

After historically supporting Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir, Saudi Arabia recently took a neutral stance following rifts between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan at OIC meetings:

Indian-administered Kashmir is under scrutiny following the recent restoration of 4G access as the blockade has seriously hampering civic participation, business, livelihoods, education, and access to health-care and medical information:

Royal Commission of New Zealand created 44 recommendations following terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques, and Muslim organizations in the country are criticizing the government’s response:

“Shows like Ramy, Transplant and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are pushing the industry away from stereotypical portrayals of Muslims as terrorists. But it’s a long road ahead”:






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