News and Analysis (2/18/21)

In a “warm conversation” with Netanyahu, Biden supports Trump’s normalization policies and commends Netanyahu’s Coronavirus policies …

… and Biden is accused of downplaying human rights violations at Xinjiang’s camps for saying, after BBC reports highlighting systematic rape and torture, “Culturally, there are different norms that each country and their leaders are expected to follow…”:

Amnesty International criticized Iran’s prison system treatment after Hadi Rostami, received lashes and an extended sentence after attempting suicide:

As Muslim voter-turnout increases in New York City, Andrew Yang receives backlash for skipping a forum sponsored by Muslim groups for a podcast with Sam Harris who has history of anti-Islamic views:

The Muslim community in Buffalo complains of the lack of halal options in their public school system and fear students “will go throughout the school day hungry, hindering their learning”:

“What Yazidis requested is already a recognised right for Jewish, Christian, and Druze religious minorities in the country”:

“The case unraveled and the charges were dropped after prosecutors revealed their inadequate disclosures to the defense, including when a prosecutor suggested that the government ‘bury’ a key exculpatory document”:

Muslims sometimes sidestepped the sparsity of Muslim cemeteries in Italy by shipping bodies to their home country, but Covid has made that impossible:

A Palestinian court decision and an Iranian travel ban that limit the freedom of travel of grown women demonstrate how Islamic law intended to protect women from danger can be perverted into denial of their fundamental rights:

“The ICC’s affirmation of jurisdiction in the occupied Palestinian territory promises a protracted process, at best”:






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