News and Analysis (2/7/21)

Senate overwhelmingly approves making Trump’s relocation of embassy to Jerusalem permanent:

BJP pushes a narrative that large Muslim families is an “organized conspiracy” to alter India’s demography, but a popular scholarly book concludes that Hindus will always be the majority:

The U.S. follows other nations in trying to push India to protect human rights in Kashmir and include Pakistan in the negotiations:

Kashmir is a primary case study demonstrating how governments are quick to censor and restrict access to internet:

Annual UAE aid to Palestine had peaked over $50 million, but is now down to just $1 million following UAE’s normalization with Israel:

Egyptian MPs are in an uproar over the possibility that the U.S. Congress may give an audience to the victims of their human rights abuses:

As Muslim hate-crimes increase in the developed nations, another instance of Muslim women wearing a burka is attacked:

U.S. and Iran remain at an impasse over the U.S> abandonment of the JCPOA as Iran calls for U.N. action in the face of Israeli threats:

Although the United States has been intervening in the Middle East for many years now, some Iraqis are beginning to worry about American troops leaving due to the presence of extremist and paramilitary groups:






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