News and Analysis (2/13/21)

Private and public institutions are working together to silence any valid criticisms of the state of Israel, and by not protecting freedom of speech, individuals are being affected significantly:

Biden’s choice of a “longtime diplomat and conflict mediator” has attracted bitter criticism because the “soft-spoken Rhodes Scholar with a Harvard law degree” and “son of a leftist, Jewish, Egyptian-born journalist” harbors the radical notion that we should (GASP!) negotiate with our enemies:

“[M]edia establishments in J&K have paid gravely for being on the “wrong” side, losing not just sources of revenue like government advertising, but having their premises raided, their power lines disconnected, and inviting constant police scrutiny”:

By seeing ourselves as the sole world superpower and getting into unnecessary conflicts, U.S. foreign policy on the United States has fallen apart:

“The regime and the terrorist organization may coordinate with each other on some matters, but they are not the kind of operational partners that some would like to believe they are”:

Pakistan Foreign Ministry points out misinformation being spread by United States when discussing Kashmir’s access to the Internet:

As the Indian government pushed forward a plethora of development schemes, it attempts to rebut resistance to its settler-colonialism in Kashmir, by denying that anyone will lose their private property as a consequence of state land development:

Consistent with a Supreme Court ruling that that those convert leave the caste system, BJP insists they are no longer entitled to contest for reserved seats …

… while “[r]etirement of 4 members leaves disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir without any representation in upper house”:

After restoring diplomatic relations with Israel, UAE has been working to eradicate UNRWA and its funding:






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