News and Analysis (12/11/20)

SCOTUS has unanimously ruled that “Muslims put on the no-fly list after refusing to act as informants can sue federal officials for money damages under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act”:

After a Muslim woman in a hijab was not allowed into a courtroom for her headscarf, the Dallas suburb has changed the ruling to allow head covers for religious purposes:

In a visit to Doha, French FM asserted their policies against Islam have not been discriminatory. Although both countries are active economic partners, Qatari officials responded by indirectly criticizing the policies, and retailers in Qatar have boycotted prominent French brands in the country:

As Israeli Jews increasingly convert to Islam, an alt-right movement tries to lead the converts back,  blaming “gentiles who take our women away from Judaism”:

Trump surprises the U.N. by inducing Morocco to agree to full diplomatic relations with Israel by recognizing Morocco’s claim to sovereignty over Western Sahara:

The dismissed lawyer also has disparaged other minority groups on his social media:

After holding off for over three years, the Trump Administration is sanctioning Turkey:  

As an Anantnag police chief beats up TV reporters and snatches their their equipment and Saudi Arabia deports Modi’s critics …

…”India’s attack on Kashmiri autonomy has united two parties that were once sworn enemies. The newly formed Gupkar Alliance could reshape the disputed region’s politics and cause problems for the BJP”:

The Qur’an sanctifies sex within marriage and the Hadith “advocate for Muslims to be knowledgeable about all areas of life, including sex,” so why do so many Muslims defend ignorance of the subject?

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