News and Analysis (12/17/20)

Iran released a statement denouncing “any destructive action against maritime security and safety.” and the Houthis declared that the “U.S. and the U.K. have failed to protect Saudi Arabia’s ports, and that they would be prepared to shield them if the kingdom asks”:

After receiving controversy planning to outlaw “Political Islam”, Austria drops the term from the bill and replaces it with “religiously motivated extremism”. The new terminology allows facilitates targeting of mosques:

30 lawmakers in the House write a letter to Facebook CEO asking to remove anti-Muslim rhetoric the same way they remove other “content related to … extremist violence”:

As tension grows between Iran and Turkey, Iran sides with Turkey regarding America’s sanction: “U.S. addiction to sanctions and contempt for international law at full display again…”:

Federal class-action lawsuit was filed against Michigan prisons for requiring Muslim women to take off hijab for mugshots:

Following the execution of a journalist, Iran jails an Iranian anthropologist for his research on the country’s culture of child marriage and female genital mutilation:

The Bosnian Muslim and Croat Orthodox Christian members of Bosnia’s presidency snubbed the Russian official’s visit after he first met with the Serb member and “supported … rejection of NATO membership for the country and opposed changes to a U.S.-sponsored agreement that ended Bosnia’s bloody civil war”:

The outgoing Trump administration declares “a marginal group operating underground, as a ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist.’ Most of the group’s members are in jail or in Iran”:

Diplomats from Iran and remaining JCPOA member-nations meet to discuss the recent state of the deal since the US’ withdrawal as Ayatollah Khamenei appeared public after a long time to make a statement anticipating continued hostility from the U.S. after Biden’s inauguration:

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