News and Analysis (12/21/20)

Al-Azhar has submitted to Egyptian government controlled media demands that they follow the lead of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars to declare membership in the Muslim Brotherhood religiously prohibited:

Muslim advocacy group is now demanding Alaska Airlines to apologize for kicking out two Muslim men from a flight for communicating in Arabic earlier this year:

Due to potential “sectarian violence”, Iran receives backlash for suggesting that Afghanistan use a Shia Iranian militia to fight against ISIS:

EU Foreign Ministers pave way for the US to restore JCPOA in the hopes of preventing further tension in the middle east:

Uttar Pradesh “love jihad” law is beginning to receive criticism from leading feminist activists in the country:

IUML leader P K Kunhalikutty denies the Chief Minister’s accusations, accusing him of “playing the communal card”:

Following tension between Iran and JCPOA members, the US threatens to further escalate hostilities in response to any retaliation for their assassination of an Iranian official:

Chinese official confirms that they have no plans of stopping the reeducation camps in Xinjiang and denies there are any forced labor occurring:

Through Egypt’s EastMed Gas Forum, negotiations between Israel and Palestine from 2016 could begin again due to maritime border disputes:

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