News and Analysis (12/24/20)

Young members of Indonesia’s largest Islamic group protect churches from violence during Christmas, and in the process, “renew and strengthen interreligious relations”:

Muslim advocacy groups in the U.S. condemn Trump’s decision to pardon four Blackwater contractors jailed for massacre of Iraq civilians:

Trump says, “If one American is killed, I will hold Iran responsible. Think it over,” as i it never occurred to him that Iran might feel the same way about the Soleimani assassination:

The FBI says that Iran, not Trump supporters, are behind a website threatening government officials and accusing them of treason: 

Sri Lanka’s government rejects Muslim requests to permit burials based on Islamic rituals and officially decides to cremate all COVID-19 victims:

American college students continue to face suppression of criticism of Israel and promotion of Israeli policing methods:

Tactics once used to turn criminals into informants are now used against Muslims who have overstayed their visa:

Hamtramck  is joining “[t]he majority of Michigan cities, townships and villages … [that] have already banned recreational marijuana businesses” but the strong Muslim community there is upset about two vendors that applied for the necessary permits before the ban was passed:

With tension in and around Iran increasing, China tries to convince the US to join nuclear deal again while Netanyahu rattles his sabre:

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