News and Analysis (12/28/20)

The Iranian government hopes to pass bills to allow them to join the Financial Action Task Force in order to streamline access to COVID-19 vaccines and promote free trade:

Iraqi President Barham Salih attended Christmas Eve Mass to promote religious camaraderie in the nation and fight against extremist violence together:

Insisting that Iran does not fundamentally differ from its western critics on human rights, but only objects to the exploitative misuse of disagreements on an implementation mechanism, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs called for an exchange of views to better understand how to fix deficiencies:

UAE collaboration with Israeli efforts to destroy UNRWA further demonstrates that the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and Arab nations harms the welfare of Palestinians:

In addition to social media suppression of Palestinian expression, AI programs have been used by Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces to arrest 800 Palestinians for their social media posts:

Following local elections in Kashmir, politicians, including Jamaat-e-Islami, are now under the Public Safety Act, which states a person can be taken into custody to prevent harmfully action against state. Other nations worry about torture and conditions of those jailed and extra-judicial killings:

In the war-torn country of Yemen, a power-sharing government was established this month. UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Iran all currently in the country, causing many instabilities and challenges for the new government:






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