News and Analysis (12/30/20)

Many states are beginning to elect their first Muslims as more individuals from the community run for public office:

In an effort to curtail freedom of speech, Canada adopts the IHRA definition of antisemitism which conflates criticism of Israel with anti-Jewish sentiment:

Controversy surrounds the media failed to describe the Christmas Day Nashville bomber as a “terrorist”, which term many argue is applied only to Muslims:

Although Israel has acquired millions of doses of the vaccine from Pfizer, Palestinians are not eligible to receive it even though under International Law, “Israel is legally obliged … to provide for their [Palestinians’] healthcare”:

The Indonesian government says it has banned the group for associations with terrorists, intimidating religious minorities, and opposing the official state ideology, but critics perceive apolitical  motivation and warn of a potential backlash:

DJ Sama Abdul Hadi’s father denies allegations that participants were drunk or taking drugs or even entered the mosque at all as the party was “held in the bazaar, where visitors come to shop and to stay at the guesthouse”:

Historically, Iran has held a neutral position in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, but this week, they displayed their desire for closer relations with Armenia and intolerance for an Azerbaijani anti-Syrian propagandist:






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