News and Analysis (01/01/21)

Both Israel and Saudi Arabia are pushing Trump to attack Iran in the hopes of sabotaging Biden’s plans to re-enter negotiations. Iran accused the US of trying to “fabricate a pretext to attack Iran” and that they still have “every right to avenge the blood of [Soleimani]”:

The ruling BJP party in Assam, state of India, has banned private Islamic schools and plans to shut down over 700 of them by April:

A Nigerian Catholic priest is receiving criticism from the Muslim population there for a sermon characterizing Islam as a violent religion and calling for a government overthrow. Christians around the country are backing his message:

Data has shown that Muslim voter turnout and Muslims running for office since Trump’s presidency has significantly increased in response to his attempt to ban their travel to the country:

If his home is demolished, one of the affected residents says, “I have no alternative at the moment but to put up a tent”:

A UK student who denied the existence of the Palestinian people at the same time as he accused UNRWA of perpetuating their refugee crisis accused the school at which he sought “to write a dissertation on the ‘systemic biases that exist in the United Nations and target the state of Israel’” of a “toxic anti-Semitic environment”:

Israel’s new ally agrees to join with its old ally Egypt in cracking down on the Muslim Brotherhood including “pursuing and handing over all Egyptian Brotherhood members who fled to Sudan in the wake of the fall of President Mohammed Morsi by revoking their nationality and then handing them over to Cairo””

New appointments are intended to signal the government’s promotion of “principles of tolerance, pluralism and the embrace of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” but human rights groups warn that by outlawing Islamic groups by presidential decree Indonesia undermines freedom of association and expression“:

Malaysia’s PM criticizes Muslim conservative party in the country for claiming the current government is a “Muslim government,” insisting the current administration depends on non-Muslim support so succeed:






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