News and Analysis (1/5/21)

The bill, in the works since the Ahmadinejad administration, has been approved by President Rouhani and is waiting on parliament for final approval, but Human Rights Watch faults the bill for not criminalizing marital rape and child marriage:

Imran Khan and Pakistani government are arguing that India has shifted to backing terrorists in Balochistan, a key route to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project:

Iran renews its demand for Trump’s arrest and Trump decides to keep aircraft in the Middle East …

after Iran released a statement regarding restarting enriching uranium to 20% levels in the hopes of returning to nuclear deal:

America and PA have failed to attain Palestinian freedom, so journalist Ramzy Baroud recommend five New Year resolutions to shift thinking to a “new political landscape”:

As “Iranian funds [are] frozen in South Korean banks due to U.S. sanctions”, Iran seizes South Korean tanker and say it’s due to “polluting the sea”:

Fueled by far-right and neo-Nazi propaganda, Islamaphobic hate crimes are on a rise in Germany:

Pakistani wives of former Kashmiri militants ask India to deport them back to Azad Kashmir after not being allowed to return home after many years:

A year after the Ukranian-plane crash in Iran, “Ottawa’s special adviser on the Ukrainian plane crash blasted Iran … for its treatment of the victims’ families, including the “withholding of personal effects”:

Although the Muslim League has been credited with the “peaceful communal coexistence” in 26% Muslim Kerala, League MPs have “shown little regard in reflecting Muslim sentiment in Parliament” on certain major issues:






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