News and Analysis (11/14/08)

After a “bloodless capture” of Elasha Biyaha, militants look to capture capital and topple the weak transitional government:

But did he have a straight face when he said agreeing to keep American troops in Iraq “is important for Iraq to ban and stop foreign influence and interference”?…

… as if in response, Al-Sadr urges “the honorable resistance fighters … to direct their weapons exclusively against the occupier”:

Self organized community activist improves lives through education:

A significant minority feel trapped in the occupied territories of the West Bank:

As the conflict escalates, civilian casualties continue to rise:

“Despite protests by Islamabad, attacks by unmanned drones have continued to hit Pakistan’s tribal region bordering Afghanistan”:

Both sides remain verbally committed to truce, contradicting their actions:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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