News and Analysis (1/11/21)

Noting that since 2015 Afghani civilian and military deaths are more than 400 times the number of Americans military deaths, President Ghani hopes that Iranian-American negotiations will coincide with U.S. troops withdrawal:

After Palestinian groups warned against Israel utilizing the last bits of Trump’s presidency for more illegal settlements, Israel releases statement stipulating the confiscation of 1,008 dunums of land:

Iran gives Biden until Feb . 21 to change U.S. policy …

… and as media speculate a potential attack on Iran by President Trump, Iran’s envoy to the UN remains calm:

Officials at a London school demand a girl who has worn an ankle-length skirt for years to choose between wearing trousers or showing her legs:

In Kashmir “financial incentives have led to extrajudicial killings of innocent people” …

… and where Mick Jagger once jammed with local musicians, tourism now is crushed by Modi’s policies:

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was censored on Twitter after making negative comments regarding Western vaccines and some support the Supreme Leader to be banned from the platform:

“[T]here is consensus among all Palestinian factions about the need to unite for an honest election”:

Bangladesh authorities appear to be ignorant of he hadith in which the Prophet encouraged Aisha to perform an errand in the mosque despite her menses by asking her “Is your hand having a period?”

The US designates Yemeni Houthis as terrorist group as they continue to resist the Saudi invasion of Yemen:







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