News and Analysis (1/13/21)

Contradicting past U.S. intelligence officials description of a complicated and tense relationship between Iran and Al Qaeda, Pompeo accused the nation of actively supporting the extremist group:

Days after Trump was banned from Facebook, the tech giant bans Iran’s state media, Press TV, without “any warning or explanation.” Press TV credits their criticisms of the West and Israeli occupation for their ban:

SCOTUS declines to intervene in Muslim flight attendant’s claim that she was fired for not wanting to serve alcohol:

Another popular Muslim prayer app, Salaat First, is caught selling data off to entities linked with ICE:

Palestinian activist is taken off terrorist list prepared by Israel after a two-and-a-half-year case:

Israel has set a historical precedent of persecuting Palestinians, resulting in unequal distribution of vaccines. Experts say Israel won’t be able to fulfill herd immunity without providing the Palestinians under occupation with vaccines:

State prison guard is being investigated for posting Islamaphobic content on social media, showing that “there is a nexis between the far right-wing in this country that has morphed into terrorists and law enforcement”:

“His legacy will be one that’s recorded in history as having played a massively outsized role in making politics of the US and Israel much worse than they would be otherwise” — Yousef Munayyer, non-resident senior fellow at the Arab Center DC:

“Never say, ‘Why me?’ Say, ‘What for?’ … I have found my purpose in life”:






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