News and Analysis (1/20/21)

As Biden enters office, there are several challenges his administration needs to overcome regarding Iran:

Israel censors groups like B’Tselem who describe the country as an “apartheid state” from teaching at schools:

Then NSA chair John Bolton reported that when Trump was trying to negotiate a trade deal with China he greenlighted the detention camps; now, on his last day, Mike Pompeo releases an official statement recognizing Uyghur genocide in Xinjiang: 

There is a legitimate debate in Islam over whether all interest is usurious, but the Diyanet’s granting of a monopoly on home mortgages to state banks is not moderation, it is statism:

French Prime Minister rejects proposal to “outlaw religious veils for children”, which could indicate future changes to current Islamic face-covering ban:

Studies show that GPT-3, the most advanced text generator to date, trained not “on real-world fact-checked data, but instead on human sentiments derived from places like Reddit,” has a significant anti-Muslim bias:

Boston-based political scientist who has been lobbying U.S. officials on foreign policy was arrested by the FBI for secretly working for Iran:

Archbishop of Greece makes Islamaphobic comments at a televised speech that “Islam is not a religion but a political party and its followers are people of war”:

Iran blacklists Trump and former senior officials for “their role and participation in terrorist and anti-human rights acts”:






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