News and Analysis (1/22/21)

President Biden’s repeal of the “Muslim” travel ban brings positive comments from Muslims around the country:

Five members of the French Council of the Muslim Faith signed on, but three groups refuse, citing the charter’s “prejudicial …, accusatory and marginalising tone,” fearing it will “weaken the bonds of trust between the Muslims of France and the nation”:

Sharia courts in Nigeria face a backlash for charging people for blasphemy:

As the president of the Pakistani-administered Kashmir, points out Muslim persecution in Kashmir and other parts of India,  a British MP urges parliament to work with the UN and investigate alleged Kashmiri genocide since the special status was revoked:

As Muslim representation in media increases, so does misrepresentation. Says one critic, “Netflix is that one kid at school who thinks Ramadan is a country”

Despite the fact the the US and Iran are both waiting for the other to make the first move on restoring the JCPOA, Iran anno0unces a return to status quo ante oil production:

Foreign Muslim intervention resulted in death of many Serb prisoners in the war more than two decades ago, and a Bosnian commander is now convicted of “failing to prevent or punish atrocities against” them:

Iran blames the cryptocurrency miners for outages, but they claim the government is making them a scapegoat for badly outdated electricity infrastructure:

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