News and Analysis (1/25/21)

Biden administration want to take the JPOCA is a starting point with or without Israeli input: 

The perpetrator started with a string of anti-Muslim slurs, proceeded to robbery, and finally to a death threat:

A Muslim ethicist says the Islamic yardstick for regulating AI should be “falah” (spititual success) which means, first of all, “Do no harm”:

College professor is being sued for framing terrorist as “absolute mandate of Islam”: 

Salah says that reflecting on his brother’s survival of the 9/11 attacks made him realize that god meant for him to pursue his passion for football:

The EU has been invited to observe and monitor Palestinian election between groups such as Hamas and PA:

Anti-Muslim law in which the French government can intervene in everyday lives of Muslims is close to submission to the National Assembly:

Parallels between the Middle East and the US are analyzed through the effects of the Arab Spring and recent American politics:

Iran says it is willing to address Saudi concerns:






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