News and Analysis (1/9/13)

Even after one unstable woman has killed a commuter of subway system featuring their ads, the Islamophobic propagandists up the ante by juxtaposing an image of the burning World Trade Center with a Qur’anic quote prophesying hellfire (“Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers”):

By ordering unspecified “‘stern action’ … against those questioning the new fatwa,” the sultan makes clear his intention is to trample on the freedom of expression of all Malaysians, including the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) whose affiliate “Pakatan Rakyat allowed the use of ‘Allah’ to all groups”:

Having brokered a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza, Mursi now takes on a much tougher challenge:

“[P]eople mistakenly conflate geographically determined cultural practices with Islam”:

“‘If you are earning, the only thing you need from the guy is love and affection. If the guy is not even providing that, then you leave him,” said 26-year-old divorcee Rabia, a reporter who left a loveless arranged marriage to a cheating husband…. Most Pakistanis think the higher divorce rate is linked to women’s growing financial independence”:

“[T]he Syrian revolution deviated from its democratic path and turned into a hateful struggle for power,”  says the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Union party, predicting “internecine fighting among the victorious forces”:

Iran’s loose monetary policy exacerbates the harm sanctions are doing to the economy; will proposed austerity measures help?

The developers insist that they will sell to buyers of any religion, but why would any non-Muslim pay the higher interest rate on a “halal” niche-market loan just because it’s not called interest?

“[S]crapping the old ‘Palestinian Authority’ logo is as far as Abbas is willing to go in provoking Israel. He is not rushing to change passports and ID cards Palestinians need to pass through Israeli crossings”:







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