News and Analysis (2/5/21)

UN Tribunal Court says it “finds consequently that it has jurisdiction … to entertain the application filed by the Islamic Republic of Iran” following U.S. sanctions being reimposed:

Prosecution lawyer Georges-Henri Beauthier denies the immunity accorded diplomats under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations:

After reports saying that the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation elections will include Muslim BJP candidates, the party ends up fielding no minority candidates:

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu names a Muslim Likud party MP for the first time in history:

In response to assassination of Qasem Soleimani, FM Mohammad Zarif strongly suggests U.S. stop intervening in Iraq:

UAE and Bahrain join Israel to create an anti-Iran alliance to run “parallel to the Biden administration”:

CAIR sues “Alabama Department of Corrections” after imam is not allowed to pray with Muslim Death Row inmate at his execution:

BBC reports of rape, sexual abuse, and torture in Uyghur concentration camps …

… while in Europe, Muslims draw parallels to ethnic groups before and during the Holocaust with the rise in prevalence of far-right groups:

His increasing activism “since the killing of his friend George Floyd, whom Jackson called his ‘twin’ … as well as the influence of friends, has intensified his years long attraction to the religion of Islam”:

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