News and Analysis (3/4/21)

As Biden embraces the notion that any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism, Netanyahu applies the smear against the ICC:

“The US has sanctioned eight heads of state in previous three administrations”:

In India a journalist has spent months in jail,  “arrested on his way to report on the death of a Dalit teenager days after she was gang-raped”…

… while in Austria, an academic “and his children and his children are being treated for PTSD” for trauma suffered while being held at gunpoint in an invasion of his home months ago by police who still have charged him with no crime:

The Wire charges “that the relentless call for violence against Muslims in the run up to the [Delhi] riots was not abstract advocacy but an essential component of the real conspiracy – executed in the open because they knew the police would never touch them”:

The women complain that the stigma of not only threatens their right to vote but their Indian citizenship as well, leading to “loss of livelihood and hindered access to government entitlements” as well as possible incarceration and statelessness:

After six “attacks on Black and racialized Muslim women in Edmonton. The victims were simply walking in public, waiting for a bus or sitting in their cars” Edmonton women organize self-defense classes and an online dialogue to “put pressure on governments to act and encourage allies to step up”:

Both humor (such as SNL’s joke highlighting “a mostly true statement about the disparity between Israeli vaccinations, which include some Palestinian Israelis, and those for Palestinians in the occupied territories”) and serious scholarly research are targets for the Zionist thought police:

Sri Lanka has finally agreed to stop the desecration of Muslim bodies under the pretext of pandemic public health policy:

“The meeting of Pope Francis with Ali Sistani … is believed to be the first between a pope and an Iraqi grand ayatollah”:

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