News and Analysis (11/18/08)

In an appeal opposed by both parties, France imposes its secular values over both Muslim tradition and the right of contract in what one lawyer calls a “forced marriage:”

Despite accusations of over $13 billion lost to “fraud, embezzlement, theft and waste by Iraqi government officials”:

The Council on Foreign Relations examines the complexities in creating the security pact:

“Obama will inherit greater power in domestic spying power than any other new president in more than 30 years” and how he chooses to wield it will effect the outcome of on several cases against Muslims:

Blockade continues in Gaza as Israeli releases Fatah partisans:

Initially agreeing to supply Israel with oil in the Camp David peace treaty, Egypt was under Israeli pressure to supply natural gas when the oil reserves dried up:

Experimental commuter train slowly gains popularity as it avoids traffic and security checkpoints:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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