News and Analysis (11/19/08)

Sadrists opposing the security agreement, “demanded that a draft bill regulating the adoption of treaties with foreign nations be adopted ahead of the debate on the security agreement”:

Previously ignored by US foreign policy, the residual Israeli occupation of Lebanon is an important factor in the May election:

Shariah’s integration into Western society offers Muslims alternatives to government courts without undermining their authority:

“If you solve the Yemeni issue, you solve the Guantanamo issue.” – Mohammed Albasha, a spokesman for the Yemeni Embassy in Washington

Pakistan remains unstable as US continues to orchestrate air strikes from Afghanistan:

Attacks on supply routes through Pakistani highlight the Achilles’ heel of maintaining foreign troops:

“[N]othing has changed since the days of the mujahideen: Afghanistan is still at war, and its pilots are in the thick of it. “:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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