News and Analysis (11/21/08)

A judge who previously ruled against the detainees releases five and describes the government’s evidence as “skimpy” while questioning credibility of the government’s sources:

In order to secure maritime trade in the Red Sea, “the international community must search for stability and economic and political development in Somalia”…

…illustrating the complexity of such a task, militants take a break from overthrowing the government and seek to capture the abducted Saudi ship:

In a symbolic move, protesters “hanged an effigy of President Bush from the plinth that once supported the statue of Saddam Hussein”:

An issue largely ignored by the Bush administration, the importance of resolving the issue of Kashmir is acknowledged by Obama:

Gaza continues to suffer with 27 of the 47 bakeries closed, blackouts of up to 20 hours, and the suspension of welfare for 98,000 Gazans:

“The goal is to prepare a generation that has deep religious faith and is also close to Hezbollah”:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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