News and Analysis 9/8/21

We have already explained in brief why most Afghanis cheer the American withdrawal, despite their previous unpleasant experience under Taliban rule.  For the gory details, read this:

Tunisia’s military is uniquely respected in the Arab world for staying out of politics, but now aspiring strong man Kais Saied has set an ominous precedent by sending soldiers and tanks to shut down the office of Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi’s office and the entire parliament:

“The late founder of the Taliban, Mullah Mohammad Omar, graduated from a Deobandi seminary in Pakistan, along with several other Taliban leaders”:

The  raids trigger “concerns of a further crackdown on press freedom in the [occupied] region”:

“Indian security forces are maintaining an armed guard around the grave of an iconic Kashmir separatist leader, amid mounting public anger over police footage of his funeral, which his family say they were barred from attending”:

Twenty year later the legacy of 9/11 still affects American Muslims:

The man Time magazine called  the “The Face of Buddhist Terror” has been freed and all charges dropped:

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