News and Analysis 9/14/21

The legacy of the 9/11 attacks includes weapons and guard dogs at American airports, the “Muslim ban,” unending foreign wars, extrajudicial procedures (including imprisonment without due process), and the politicization  of “terrorism” cases:

“[S]ome of the people who have been ordered to leave Israel were born” in the country:

“By sealing these important records, the Muhaymin family was hurt in their quest for justice and the press and public were robbed of an important conversation about systemic, anti-Black violence in the Phoenix Police Department” — Muslim Advocates staff attorney Sanaa Ansari:

“A Black Muslim lumber pack maker at UFP Industries’ plant in Ranson, W.Va., was subjected to persistent race- and religion-based harassment … [and] was ultimately fired because he is Black and because he filed a discrimination charge with the agency, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Monday”:

Hollywood loves dealing in stereotypes, and when it comes to Muslims they are allowed to get away with it:

“We have lived our lives constantly trying to control how we’re being perceived because that’s the only way we feel safe. And that’s a scary place to be”:

Her talent notwithstanding, “[a]s a Muslim woman wearing the hijab, Dembelé is not allowed to play in most sport competitions in France, including football”:






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