News and Analysis 9/18/21

Americans and Taliban  apologize for their respective “mistakes,” but victims on both sides have no reason to accept their apologies until they bring the perpetrators of the criminal negligence to justice:

Ellen  Siegal, a Jewish survivor of the massacre, firmly believes that Israel directed the Phalangists’ “cold-blooded murder of more than 1,300 unarmed Sabra residents” …

…. meanwhile, Israel plans to recover from its humiliation by attacking the residents of “Jenin, the home town of six Palestinian men who broke out of an Israeli prison”:

“In India, several states have outlawed brides or grooms from converting to their new spouse’s religion”:

Intimate knowledge of the land and how to grow things on it is one of the giveaways as to which people are indigenous to it, so they keep it secret from the colonizers and who for their part seek to deny its reality:

Experts warn that Australia’s “good nonproliferation record is relevant but doesn’t make bending nonproliferation rules a wise thing;” rather it is “a terrible precedent”:

“Conservative and reformist newspapers showed rare unity in welcoming the outcome of a conference in Dushanbe on Friday at which members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation endorsed Iran’s future membership in the bloc”:

“Imbibed with stories passed on from their parents and grandparents, and having grown up defending and asserting their identity in an often hostile environment, the Palestinian diaspora is now emerging with new tools to advance their cause”:

The text generating AI system GOT-3 is Islamophobic and pro-communist, refuting questions about the persecution of Uyghers with such propaganda as “The Communist Party has always supported the right of all ethnic minorities to observe their cultural traditions”:

“The stakes are extremely high for an app that Iranians could rely on to circumvent government surveillance and restrictions”:

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