News and Analysis 9/20/21

Despite the policy’s pathetic failure, one Israeli government after another believes that if you just kill enough Gazan civilians the armed resistance will go away:

“[T]he Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) disclosed … that 217 protesters were injured, including 35 shot by rubber-coated metal bullets and 182 subjected to suffocation after inhaling tear gas”:

The arrest of the escaped Palestinian prisoners has shocked, but not discouraged the Palestinian public which has raised their spoons in tribute to the daring escape:

Roger Waters says that when he saw 60,000 ecstatic fans turn into “lobotomized” robots “just because I suggested that they should stop treating the Palestinians like … swine” he realized that he “shouldn’t even have a cup of coffee in Israel”:

“Where once films showed Muslims as rulers, poets and aesthetes, they are now often portrayed as terrorists, gangsters and despots. To that list has been added the Muslim quisling – the kohl-eyed, generously bearded betrayer who aids the efforts of the Pakistani security establishment to attack India”:

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